Atom Mount






• 16 gauge steel for strong attachment of Atom or AtomX power supplies
• Quickly attach to any steel surface
• Magnets can be removed for screw attachment
• Tough powder coated finish


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Wall Mount G2

G2_WallMount_smallER NEW!!! Designed for wall mounting a power supply, 

   this mount fits only our G2 power supplies. $15.00          

Included: 1 wall mount, 2 wall anchors, 1 wing nut and 2 #8 x 1″ wall mounting screws  

Made in the USA                                

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Clamp Mount G2


Designed for convention travel, this mount clamps to a standard convention

table and puts your power supply right were you want it.

 This model fits only our G2 power supplies.  $18.00

Included: 1 Clamp mount and 1 10/32 wing nut screw

Made in the USA 

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Stand Alone Baseplate

NEW! This steel baseplate is the best option when you are working off of a non-magnetic surface and need a free standing unit.  It is a very heavy 1/8″ thick, 6″ diameter, powder coated, with a rubber bottom so it stays put. $13.00
Made in the USA

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Replacement Power Adapter & Cord


Replacement power adapter,
grounded 90-240v A/C worldwide input (will require a different cord for other countries)
0-18vdc 45watt output.
Supplied with a North American cord set (C5 input)


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Replacement G2 Mount Bottom

Replacement mount and wing screw for Generation 2 power supplies. $22.00
Made in the USA

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Wing Screw Replacement

We offer a wing style screw replacement for our G2 Mounts in case your apprentice loses yours… again. $2.00

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Clip Cord

High-quality, hand made, 6.5′ high flex cable. Standard 1/4″ phono jack. $25.00

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Barrier Bags CX2

5″x8″ 2 Mil Poly Bags for covering your CX2 or CX2-R to maintain the cleanest environment possible.

100 count for $2.50

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Barrier Bags CX1

5″x6″ 2 Mil Poly Bags for covering your CX1 to maintain the cleanest environment possible.

100 count for $2.50

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